Thursday, April 21, 2011

Swashplate leveling for rc helicopters

levelling swashplate
Swashplate leveling is common and essential for rc helicopter, and is necessary for hands-free hover, with the trim stay at its center. The aim for swashplate leveling is to make the swashplate parallel to the rotational plane of main rotor blades.


  • Easier to fly
  • Higher stability
  • Allow larger trim range to adjust
  • Avoid raising temperature deal to additional trim
Leveling the swashplate is also required when you move pushrod to different hole on servo arm.

Different types of swashplate levelers

There are quite a number of swashplate leveling tools available on market.
swash plate level swash plate leveler swashplate leveler
And this swashplate level for 12mm main shaft heli (Trex 700,synergy and Raptor 90) is popular.
swashplate leveling tool
You can put your swashplate leveler on anywhere you want to observe the degree of tilt, such as upper shaft bearing or top of the main rotor head and of course on the swashplate. Simple to use.
Here’s a DIY swash leveling tool for TREX 500, neat and simple.
If you don’t have your swashplate leveler on hand, you may try the zip tie trick.

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